Evaluation and management of musculoskeletal conditions and complex rheumatologic diseases.

As a board certified Rheumatologist and ARNP we will thoroughly evaluate your symptoms, discuss your diagnosis and outline a comprehensive treatment plan. We utilize the latest diagnostic tests and treatments including non-pharmacologic interventions like Physical Therapy and life style changes.


Joint and soft tissue injections

We provide soft tissue and intra articular joint injections (such as knee and shoulder injections, as examples) as well as administer visco- supplementation products such as Orthovisc or Synvisc for osteoarthritis of the knee when appropriate.


In office infusion of biologic therapies and osteoporosis treatments

We do in office infusions of complex biologic agents such as Remicaide, Orencia, Actemra, Reclast and Prolia just to name a few.


In office phlebotomy and synovial fluid analysis

We provide these and other in office services for the convenience of our patients.